Ptolemy Mann (1972) is an artist and textile designer, and she is educated at Royal College of Art and Central St. Martins College of Art & Design in London. She is based in the UK and has exhibited and lectured worldwide. She has made several site-specific pieces, among these a commission for Tate Modern in London.

Ptolemy Mann explores the way that colour transitions from one hue to another through hand dyed and woven threads. Her work is like a visual diary of how colour moves and shifts between darkness and light. In 2022 Ptolemy Mann exhibited at the gallery together with Christina Augustesen at the exhibition The Golden Hour. The title refers to that very specific moment of warm light at the end of the day just before night falls. This moment acts as a metaphor for how the two artists had captured the changing colour of the natural sky. Mann showed a body of small hand dyed and woven works specifically exploring warmth and the golden tones of saturated sunlight. The intention was to introduce work that engages an audience in new ways of seeing and feeling colour; capturing that elusive moment ‘in between’ two colours. By celebrating unfamiliar techniques and materials it was the hope to highlight exquisite craftsmanship through intelligent art making.